6oz Stemless Double Insulated Champagne Flute wineTumbler with Lid

Product Size:6oz
Material:Food grade 304 Stainless Steel
Customized:Customized color,logo and packaging
Accessories:Lid,straw,cleaning brush

Size informations: 13cm/5.12 inch in length,cup bottom diameter approx.6cm/2.36 inch, caliber apporx.5cm/1.97 inch;these champagne flutes are in classical fashion designed shape having comfortable hand sense,the flute glass cup is mini size for drinking, please make sure the capacity is accepted before purchase


 0_0000_5_0001_图层 3.jpg Material: the stemless flute is made of 304 stainless steel and the lid is made of ABS, easy to cleanse with water washing and drying


 0_0000_主图 (5)_0001_图层 3.jpg  Features: good at keeping the temperature of both hot and cold in hours, treated with a special process to avoid fading and yellowing, provides a fresh taste


 0_0000_5_0002_图层 4.jpg Design: modern stemless shape design, has a smooth appearance and easy cleaning by cloth, the lid is designed with a straw hole so that it is good for easy sipping with straws and helping reduce splash

 缩略图.jpg Wide application: the unbreakable toasting glasses can be applied as wine cups, champagne cups, or water cup, suitable for parties, pools, picnics and boats.


 0_0000_5_0000_图层 2.jpg 

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